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Defytime-Fiji Public Benefit Trust

Defytime-Fiji proposes to improve the medical care of Fiji's poorer and more remote native Fijians. In urban areas, Fiji's public hospitals tend to be adequate but in rural areas public health facilities are very basic and inefficient, or non-existent. In many cases, Fijians living in rural areas typically have to travel hours for treatment. 60% (about 535,000 people) has no access to quality health services.

With funding from The Remedy for Humanity and derived through Fijian government grants supporting specific initiatives, Defytime-Fiji will provide free or very low-cost medical care for poor Fijians and Fijians living in remote locations. Defytime-Fiji will also provide two "mobile medical clinic vehicles" and two "mobile medical clinic, ocean going, boats" to provide healthcare to those Fijians who cannot travel to one of the two major public hospitals. Defytime-Fiji will invest $7,065,375 in hard assets with an additional $1,350,000 annually for operating costs. At month eighteen, Defytime-Fiji will have employed 60+ Fijians, which will provide annual wages of $1.6 million, with an additional estimated payroll taxes of $217 thousand each year.

Defytime-Fiji Public Benefit Trust is a partnership formed by Sierra Sciences and Defytime Holdings. BioViva USA and Chase Life Extension Foundation (CLEF) will be hired by Defytime-Fiji. Defytime-Fiji will derive profits for humanitarian causes by operation of a Medical Tourism Medical Spa that will provide telomerase gene therapy to patients worldwide that travel to the Spa in Fiji.

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